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FCS Title I Family Engagement Parent Advisory Council

Who we are …
The Family Engagement Parent Advisory Council (FE
PAC) is a group of parents with children attending Flint Community School District (FCS).

The Title I Family Engagement Parent Advisory Council (FEPAC) seeks parents and guardians of Flint Community Schools' students from all grade levels (Pre-K to 12th grade) to serve on the Family Engagement Parent Advisory Council (FEPAC) for their child's school.


FEPAC members are "UNPAID" volunteers and serve for a two-year term.

The FEPAC Participation:


Eligibility: To be eligible for the your school's FEPAC, you must
be the parent or guardian of a student enrolled in an Flint Community Schools.


Membership Requirements:  


  • Members of their child's school FEPAC are expected to attend FEPAC meetings once a month during the school year.


  • FEPAC members are also expected to help organize and conduct parent/community meetings and participate in parent outreach activities. 

  • On average, FEPAC members spend six to ten hours a month during the school year on these activities.


If you're interested in serving on the Title I Family Engagement Parent Advisory Council (FEPAC), please complete an application. 

You can submit your application to the FEPAC at your child's school by submitting it to Family Engagement Facilitator, by US mail, email, or by fax.  

Please contact us, if you have any questions!


Pam Miller
Family Engagement Coordinator
Office of State, Federal and Local Programs

923 E. Kearsley Street, Flint, MI 48503
Office: 810-760-1259
Fax: 810-760-7199
Email: pmiller@flintschools.org

Now accepting applications!



  • Accelerated Learning Academy: Sandra Cavette, FEF (810) 771-3996

  • Brownell STEM Academy: Alfreda Jefferson (901) 213-8314

  • Doyle/Ryder Elementary School: Kathy Roberts, FEF (810) 767-8176

  • Durant-Tuuri-Mott Elementary School: Linda Hopkins, FEF (810) 760-1594

  • Eisenhower Elementary School: Forleasadon Harper, FEF (810) 760-6207 

  • Freeman Elementary School: Reba Jones, FEF (810) 625-1462

  • Holmes STEM Middle School Academy: VACANT

  • Neithercut Elementary: Quenna Brown, FEF (810) 309-8073

  • Pierce Elementary School: Queda Wright, FEF (810) 288-3713

  • Potter Elementary School: Williameon Salter, FEF (810) 449-4113

  • Southwestern Classical Academy:  Casanya Amenyiue, FEF (810) 730-2822